Become an efficient data scientist

We took care of all nuisances so you can focus on doing your actual job
Why Sweedom?

As Data Scientists ourselves we know how painfully slow and frustrating working with terabytes of data can be. You need powerful clusters that can cost a fortune and almost never work quite right. Setup and maintenance add extra cost and takes up a valuable time that you could spend on doing your actual job.

We started Sweedom with an aim to solve these issues and make you an efficient Data Scientist once again.

Sweedom helps you
Pay only for the time you actually used

Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars on a cluster you aren't going to use 24/7. Buy access to our top notch cluster and pay only for the time you actually used.

Access power of Hadoop cluster right from R & Python

No Hadoop skills required. Just install our libraries for R & Python and you are good to go. Manipulate terabytes of DataFrames even on your laptop!

We support SQL-like queries &
User Defined Functions (UDF)

Get insights in minutes not days

Sweedom takes you to the next level of data analysis productivity by reducing time of each iteration in analytic process from hours to minutes and seconds.

How it works


Install our library for R & Python


Upload data to the cluster


Slice and dice terabites of data in minutes

Work with terabytes of DataFrames through the interface you already know.

You do not buy hardware — you buy access to a shared cluster. So you pay only for the time you actually used.

Perform SQL-like queries as well as User Defined Functions (UDF).

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